Case Study: Associated Stocktaking’s Efficiency Turnaround at Tritium

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 Tritium is a global leader in manufacturing advanced DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. Associated Stocktaking was initially called in to assist the Tritium staff with their stocktake. However, as the escalating challenges were recognised, it became clear that a more hands-on approach was necessary. With Tritium’s consent, Associated Stocktaking took charge of the operation, implementing strategic changes that would bring about a remarkable transformation.

The Challenge

Tritium’s stocktaking process was on the verge of chaos due to inefficient team structures and staff, extended breaks, discrepancies in pre-counts, and limited qualified forklift operators. These issues resulted in wasted time, low staff morale and productivity, and a threatened completion timeline.

The Intervention

Strategic changes that would bring about a remarkable transformation included:

  • Workforce Reallocation: Teams were restructured into efficient pairs spread across all aisles, reducing congestion and improving accuracy.
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement: Tritium team leaders began writing up the aisles on data sheets that had been previously counted but not entered on the manual sheets. They also checked these areas for accuracy, taking responsibility for any errors.
  • Quality Control and Data Entry: The focus was shifted to accurate entry of counts, particularly in areas requiring forklifts or Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), ensuring that every team had the necessary entry sheets for precise data recording.
  • Skilful Staff Allocation: Strategic staff allocation was implemented to manage challenging areas effectively due to the limited availability of qualified forklift operators and underperforming staff.


Under the leadership of Associated Stocktaking, the implementation process was handled with precision and efficiency. Staff members from Associated led by example, demonstrating strong work ethics and effective processes, while also providing continual supervision to all teams every 30 minutes. This level of supervision ensured the job was completed on time, even ahead of schedule. In fact, Associated Stocktaking had been contracted through Friday, but their efficiency meant their services weren’t needed on that day, effectively reducing a day’s billing.


By steering the stocktaking process away from disaster, Associated Stocktaking ensured that counting was completed by Thursday, with the warehouse ready for audit on Friday. Our leadership and continual supervision led to significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy.


 Through our strategic planning and meticulous execution, Associated Stocktaking transformed Tritium’s impending stocktaking disaster into a success story, highlighting the importance of professional intervention in inventory management.


Testimonial from Tritium

“Hi Stephen,

 John and the rest of the Stocktaking WA team exceeded our expectations in every way! The entire team was very knowledgeable and experienced, and they helped us setup a better process which helped us to achieve a better result in a shorter amount of time. My only regret is not discovering this outstanding team of professionals sooner!”

Nathan Frey, Plant Director – Tritium Australia

About Associated Stocktaking

Associated Stocktaking is a leading service provider specializing in stocktaking and inventory management. Known for their strategic approach and commitment to efficiency, they have helped numerous businesses navigate challenging stocktakes, ensuring accurate inventory records and compliance with audit requirements. Their successful intervention at Tritium is a testament to their expertise and dedication to providing high-quality stocktaking services.