Business Handover Stocktakes

Stocktakes at the handover of business need to be handled with care and professionalism. We stand between the vendor and purchaser ensuring that the stock figure is arrived at independently and we make every effort to ensure both parties are satisfied with the accuracy of the final valuation. The stocktake is the last operation that completes the settlement process. After the stocktake, the keys to the business are handed from the vendor to the new owner of the business. As such there can be a lot of emotion running that requires delicate handling.

Associated Stocktaking has been performing business handover stocktakes since 1987, and in fact the company was founded to service this need in the business community! We understand the concerns of both parties, and we are used and recommended by all the major business brokers and settlement agents in WA because we can be trusted to devote the care and attention required to satisfy the most demanding of clients in what can otherwise become a very stressful and confrontational situation.

Associated Stocktaking is always happy to assist business brokers and their clients, the business vendors and purchasers, at any stage of a business changeover. Brokers and clients can benefit from our free advice at any stage. We recommend getting any questions you may have answered as soon as possible – even before contracts have been drawn up!